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price of unshelled walnuts 2021

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Export price of unshelled walnutsThe benefits of walnutsExport of Iranian walnutsExport capacity of walnuts
price of unshelled walnuts

price of unshelled walnuts 2021, because of the epidemic Corona virus, increased last year. Iran is one of the three largest walnut producing countries in the world.

Iranian export walnuts to 30 countries, the most important of which are neighboring countries such as Iraq, Turkey, as well as the United Kingdom and Germany.

price of unshelled walnuts

The export of walnuts is one of the most important food products and nuts, and in terms of economic value, all its parts, including leaves, bark, fruit, roots, stems, wood are used for various purposes such as nutrition, coloring, woodcarving and medicine.
The origin of the walnut tree is in western Asia and the Himalayas. Iranian walnut is one of the best walnuts in the world in terms of taste, oil and flavor.

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price of unshelled walnuts

Export price of unshelled walnuts

price of unshelled walnuts

The history of walnut exports dates back to 1301, when European countries were the first importers of Iranian walnuts.
Iran ranks third among the largest walnut producers and fifth in the world in terms of walnut exports.
Most of Iran’s walnut exports are to Middle Eastern countries. One of the main buyers of Iranian walnuts is Iraq and the Emirate.
The cultivars of this product in the country are mainly seeds and include paper, needle, stone.
In addition to domestic cultivars, high-yielding foreign cultivars include Chandler, Hartley, Pedro, Rond, Franck, and Frenet, most of which are American, Spanish, and Italian.

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The benefits of walnuts

price of unshelled walnuts

Walnuts are an excellent source of protein, fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, as well as the best source of manganese and copper.
People call walnut kernels as brain food because walnut kernels are rich in omega-3s, which help the brain function better.
Walnuts also contain magnesium and phosphorus and they have some zinc, iron, calcium and selenium. Walnuts contain the highest amount of vitamins B6, B1 and B5.

Iran is one of the top countries in the world in terms of walnut production volume and after China and the United States. Its rank is third in terms of walnut production and in terms of walnut cultivation is the second country, which makes Walnut exports to consider it, as a strong point and high potential for income generation. Iran In provinces such as Azerbaijan], etc., there are hectares of walnut orchards that provide walnut reproductive organs for orchards in other provinces.

Do not forget that walnuts can cause allergies, so we recommend that you consult a specialist before using walnut kernels for infants and children.

People with seizures and epilepsy have to use less manganese than healthy people; Some preliminary research shows that the manganese in walnuts helps treat epilepsy.

Export of Iranian walnuts

price of unshelled walnuts

The amount of Iranian walnut exports to European countries is so high that our rank is fifth in terms of walnut exports to Europe.

The country can earn about two billion dollars a year, so that even walnut exports and Other nuts, if better developed and given more attention, can make more money and meet our need to export oil.
Many types of local walnuts, including needle walnut, crow tip, paper walnut, stone walnut are produced and exported in Iran. In addition to which foreign samples of walnuts that have many fans can also be found in Iran.

Turkey, Italy and Iraq have the most export potential from Iran. Spain, India and the UAE are also in the walnut export sector.
Kazakhstan is also a good export destination due to its good trade relations with Iran.

Export price of unshelled walnuts is less than bulk selling.

Walnut traiff code (HS Code) in the world is customs number 080231.

Export capacity of walnuts

price of unshelled walnuts

Turkey and Iraq have a saturated market for walnut exports from Iran and more than their capacity has been exported to them. Instead, Italy, Kazakhstan, Spain, India and the UAE have good potential.
Of course, China and Pakistan are good export destinations.

Last year, the production of walnuts has decreased significantly. So that not only the amount of walnut exports has decreased, but even Iran has been forced to import walnuts from countries such as Chile.
This has happened to some other nuts as well, such as pistachios. The price of imported walnuts has risen and fluctuated because it depends on the currency.
Iran has a very high potential for currency exchange with nuts, especially walnuts, a little development and more attention to walnut orchards. Which are affected by the cold of their products, will again see the largest possible export of walnuts in Iran.

price of unshelled walnuts

The best destinations for walnut exports from Iran are Italy, Kazakhstan and Spain. Due to the amount of export potential and the ease of trade relations between the two countries.

Iran has the closest export link with Turkmenistan.

The Italian market has the highest demand capacity for walnuts.

Italy shows the largest difference between the export potential and the real export in terms of value. The remaining export capacity is worth 209.5 thousand dollars.

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