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where to buy peanuts online?

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where to buy peanuts in the shell?benefits of peanuts on healthexport and buy peanuts onlineHow to export nuts to Russia?
buy peanuts online

where to buy peanuts online? sometimes it is the big question. perhaps you do not know the answer of this simple question. the answer is checking online web sites.

Radin is a reputable and well-known name in peanut sales center. It produces nuts in various types, according to the request of applicants to provide sales and export services to foreign countries. We assure you to ensure the unique features. You will make your regular and major purchases from this center.

buy peanuts online

One of the best and famuse types of peanuts in Iran is Astana peanuts, a large amount of it, grows in this city every year. This product, which is classified in the group of nuts, has a size of about 4 cm. Peanut shell is yellowish gray in color, there are several protrusions on the shell, each of which indicates the location of the seeds.

where to buy peanuts in the shell?

where to buy peanuts online

Peanuts offer consumers some amazing health benefits such as weight loss, heart health, and dietary fiber. Today, the healthiest peanuts are dry, roasted and unsalted ones. they have healthy benefits to those who enjoy them as snacks.

In peeled peanuts, two kernels are embedded in a hard shell. High quality peanut shell is flawless, no traces of stains and mold are observed in it, the percentage of shell without seed kernel is very low, the percentage of broken shell is less than 5% and they are sold roasted with salt.

buy peanuts online

we send some part of the peanut to the relevant factories for the oiling process. Therefore, we say that the demand for buying peanuts is very high and the market for buying and selling peanuts is very prosperous and many people are always looking to invest in buying peanuts in bulk. In recent years, the import and purchase of peanuts from foreign countries has decreased, which is due to the development and increase in domestic production of peanuts in the country.

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benefits of peanuts on health

buy peanuts online

Peanuts belong to the pea and lentil family. Its flowers grow on the ground and due to their weight they penetrate into the ground and the almonds grow and grow there. Peanut shell is brown and contains 2 to 3 peanut kernels. Each of these oval grains is a creamy white with covering thin, reddish-brown shell.

Numerous studies shows that peanut fat and peanut butter are good for humans.
In a study at  American university, the effects of a diet containing peanuts and butter on lowering blood cholesterol were compared to the average American diet. The results shows that the risk of heart disease was reduced by intermittent and frequent consumption of peanuts (each time in small amounts).
Effects of peanut diet:
1- Reduction of total cholesterol (bad cholesterol)
2- Maintaining good cholesterol
3-Lowers triglycerides also have high levels of unsaturated fats.
Peanuts and butter are good sources of protein. They provide the most difficult-to-obtain vitamins and minerals, including folic acid, vitamin E, copper, selenium, and magnesium. Zinc as well as plant pigments and dietary fiber.

export and buy peanuts online

buy peanuts online

You can buy peanuts online and in person, the online method saves you a lot of time and money. you can buy peanuts just with a few simple clicks. In the last few years, Bazaar forms a large community of major sellers, some of them are engage in buying and selling peanuts.

Russia is one of the most populous countries in Europe. It is one of the countries that is a very good destination for Iranian businessmen in the field of export of goods from Iran and is also of special importance. The climatic conditions of this country makes it impossible to produce and cultivate many agricultural products. It is a positive advantage for Iran’s exports. Russia is currently as one of Iran’s largest trading partners, and significant quantities of various products to export to this country annually.

How to export nuts to Russia?

buy peanuts onlineDue to its location on the shores of the Caspian Sea and its proximity to Iran in terms of distance, the country has a suitable and high capacity for exports, especially exports of nuts, dried fruits, agricultural products and pistachios and peanuts. In order to export goods to Russia, one must have complete mastery of the principles of trade negotiations and export rules such as international marketing, the ability to conclude international contracts, etc. in order to achieve the best result for the parties.

buy peanuts onlineRussia has no agricultural products for half of the year, it depends on other countries to provide the food it needs, so we can say that the price of agricultural products in Russia is higher than other producing countries. Russia is a European country with its own standards for the export of agricultural products. There are strict rules for the import of food into this country. The food consumed in this country must be of high quality, hence the price of agricultural products. It is also higher in Russia than in other countries.

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