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wholesale nuts and seeds in Iran

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wholesale nuts onlineall about nuts and seedsall about Pistachios global nut production
wholesale nuts

wholesale nuts and seeds in Iran is much more than other countries. why? because Iran is one of the best places which produces many kind of nuts and seeds and dried fruits.

as you know nuts have many types. in this article we will speak about some of them and will guide you to buy them easily in our online shopping centers and websites.

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wholesale nuts

wholesale nuts online

wholesale nuts

do you know you can buy  wholesale nuts online?

the answer of this question is a big yes. but how? we are going to explain you all the ways of online shopping from Iran to all around the world.

first step is seeing our websites. the second is choosing the product. then calling us to order.

after these steps, our team will do all the best to send you the product on time with all care.

Due to the moldiness of nuts, a toxic substance called aflatoxin is produced, which is effective in causing liver cancer. so we must be careful in keeping nuts fresh.

all about nuts and seeds

wholesale nuts

Nuts generally boost the body’s immune system due to their antioxidant properties.
The nutrients in the nuts help children and adolescents grow
Various studies have shown that eating nuts is effective in lowering blood cholesterol.
Walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts and peanuts are especially important in reducing cardiovascular disease, and in addition to having the above properties, hazelnuts are an important source of manganese, which causes the secretion of insulin (prevention of diabetes), production of blood coagulation proteins and fuel, and It is made in the body of fats.
Arginine is another substance found in hazelnuts in large quantities, which releases growth hormones, improves weight and height in children and adolescents, releases insulin and produces nitric acid, dilates blood vessels and prevents high blood pressure.
In addition to these nutrients, peanuts are also effective in the hepatic metabolism of fats due to the presence of compounds called “choline” and “lecithin”, and in case of deficiency of these substances, side effects such as fat accumulation in the body and obesity, infertility and anemia It becomes. This kernel contains precursors for the production of thyroid hormones.

all about Pistachios

wholesale nuts
Pistachios have a significant amount of iron and vitamins and play an important role in preventing anemia. Almonds, along with other nuts, help prevent osteoporosis due to their calcium content.
Despite all the positive points mentioned, high consumption of nuts is not recommended for some reasons.
Nuts contain a significant amount of fat. Despite the usefulness of the fat in these foods, excessive consumption of nuts will lead to overweight and obesity.
Excessive consumption of nuts due to slow digestion, causes various digestive disorders such as bloating, nausea and vomiting.
High consumption of salted nuts causes high blood pressure due to the high salt used during its preparation.
Another important point is to pay attention to the freshness and storage of these nuts when buying nuts, because in case of improper storage or storage in a wet place, the possibility of mold in these foods is very high.

 global nut production

wholesale nuts

this year the export of nuts and dried fruits has also decreased compared to last year.
Iran is the first producer of nuts and dried fruits in the world.

of course in wholesale nuts the price will be lower.
The largest importer of pistachios in the world is China, which in 2019, imported 111,639 tons of pistachios for $ 802,115,000, followed by Hong Kong, Germany and Spain are the next largest importers of pistachios in the world.

Among the world’s largest importers of nuts, the main importer of raisins and raisins is the United Kingdom, which in 2019, imported 96,093 tons of raisins worth $ 222,073,000.
It is followed by Germany, the Netherlands, India and Japan.
The largest importer of figs in the world is India, which in 2019, 11,940 tons of figs, amounted to 96,147,000, followed by Germany and France.

Morocco is one of the largest importers of nuts in the world in the field of dates, with imports of 98,896 tons amounting to 168,854,000 dollars in 2019. And then there are India, France and Germany.
we will write about other countries in the next article.

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