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which kind of nuts we must use?What are the benefits of nuts?how to keep nuts with skin or without skin?dried fruits online wholesale in Iran

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here we want to speak about the definition of nuts:

We hear many times during the day that we have to use nuts for various reasons. But what is nuts? What foods are called nuts? Are nuts and legumes nuts? Yes, nuts are the same as, seeds and dried fruits.

One of the oldest methods of preserving nuts and fruits is the use of drying method. From time immemorial, humans have dried some foods using sunlight to preserve them. But today, with the advent of industrial and home appliances, drying nuts is easier.

Botanically, nuts are a combination of seeds and dried fruits embedded in hard outer shells. Nuts contain a lot of energy and provide the body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs.

dried fruits online wholesale

which kind of nuts we must use?

dried fruits online wholesale

as we said above, there are many types of nuts and dried fruits that you must choose the best according your needs. Although fruits, seeds, and nuts are high in energy and fat, eating them does not cause weight gain. According to some studies, the consumption of these foods is associated with weight loss.

But what is the cause of weight loss by consuming nuts?

These foods contain a lot of fiber and consuming it makes a person feel full for a while. Therefore, in many weight loss diets, it is recommended to use nuts to reduce belly and body fat.

For long-term storage of these fruits and nuts, their moisture has been taken so that they can be stored more easily and longer.

What are the benefits of nuts?

dried fruits online wholesale

The high protein content of nuts makes them a healthy alternative to animal protein sources.

The healthy fats in nuts are comparable to the saturated fats found in many animal protein sources. Therefore, the use of nuts has been considered among vegetarians and other people who seek healthy nutrition.
But this is not all about nuts. You can pulverize the seeds and spread them on the surface of the food.

Some nuts, such as almonds, can be substituted for dairy products, including milk. For this purpose, mix water with peeled almonds and then strain it to separate solid particles. You can use the resulting liquid instead of milk and it is simple or flavored.

how to keep nuts with skin or without skin?

dried fruits online wholesale

Now we have to see what are the conditions for buying nuts? Dried fruits can be bought  with or without skin. some nuts like walnuts or almond is better to keep with their skin. because they will loose their quality and benefit when exposed to oxygen. so its better to keep them with skin.

What is the advantage of using nuts with skin?

Knowing everything about nuts will help you to store this food more easily. But what is the benefit of consuming it with the skin of nuts and dried fruits? Using whole nuts with the skin makes them easier to store at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

Regardless of the storage temperature, the nuts should be kept away from moisture and heat. Natural nut oil is easily eliminated. If one of the nuts tastes bitter and bad, it should be discarded.

dried fruits online wholesale in Iran

dried fruits online wholesale

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Iran is one of the important countries in producing and selling nuts and dried fruits whole sale in the world.

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